Vandaag kwam ik een lied tegen over lectio divina (Engelstalig). Hieronder lees je de tekst ervan. Je kunt het lied ook beluisteren en de bladmuziek ervan downloaden:

Tekst van het lied ‘Read My Words’

Read my words, Lectio
Think, reflect, Meditatio.
Respond in prayer, Oratio.
And rest in God, Contemplatio.

Here is foor for your mind
Come with open heart,
and learn from another who’s studied my ways.
Be still and listen to me.

Wisdom is here, knowledge too,
thoughts to challenge your mind.
Now reclaim excitement and image new worlds;
zeek God in ev’ry word.

Quiet the soul; hear the story.
Strive to learn God’s great glory.
Become the word that God meant you toi be
and only you can be.